It pays to be bilingual

According to an article in ONFR, bilingual professionals earn on average $ 5,237 more than unilingual Anglophones in Canada. When it comes to Ontario, you will find the biggest difference with almost double that amount (about $ 10,000). This striking difference can be explained in several ways:

The scarcity of bilingual labour

According to The Canadian Encyclopedia, 4.1% of Ontarians speak French as their mother tongue. Thus, attractive salaries must be offered in order to attract these bilingual candidates as there are few.

The economic importance of Ontario

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and the one with the strongest economy. The country’s capital (Ottawa) and its largest city (Toronto) are also located in Ontario, and this is where a large number of head offices of national and multinational companies have established themselves. These organizations often require knowledge of both languages, especially for key positions.

The value of bilingual employees

When entering the job market, it is essential to know how to put your strengths forward. Being bilingual can be a way of standing out. A Guardian article reveals that people who can express themselves in more than one language have an easier time adapting to new environments, solving problems and concentrating. In this way, when you can demonstrate your bilingualism through your studies in a bilingual environment, you are better positioned to shine during the recruitment process.