Bilingual Career Opportunities in Canada for Students and Graduates

Bilingual Career Opportunities in Canada for Students and Graduates

Bilingual Career Opportunities in Canada for Students and Graduates 

Ontario is a great place to study in French or bilingually and to start your career. One of the reasons Ontario attracts more than 48% of Canada’s international students is because of its dynamic economy.  

A significant shortage of bilingual professionals  

Due to a lack of bilingual professionals, Ontario managers are having difficulty filling positions within their organizations. As a result, by the end of 2021, the number of jobs available in Ontario was at an all-time high, while the number of bilingual candidates seeking employment had declined exponentially.   

This puts bilingual candidates in a position of strength, giving them more control over their salary and benefits. Furthermore, bilingual candidates can earn up to 10% and 30% more than unilingual English-speaking candidates. Ontario is the Canadian province where bilingualism has the greatest impact on salary.  

Tremendous Economic Growth on the Horizon  

For starters, Ontario is home to Toronto, the economic and cultural center of Canada. It is home to the country’s largest multinationals and hundreds of corporate headquarters of all sizes. As a result, the city retains the title of the fastest-growing city in North America.   

A World-Class High-Tech Job Pool  

Toronto ranks 4th and Ottawa 10th on the scale of North America’s leading technology markets. With more than 81,200 jobs added in the sector since 2016, the City of Toronto holds the highest ranking of any Canadian city and is even higher than major U.S. centers of Los Angeles and New York. This ranking reiterates that the technology sector is a major driver of the Canadian economy, particularly in Ontario. It is interesting to note that the Ottawa region is home to the largest technology park in Canada and that it is still growing. 

Training for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet  

Our institutions offer a full range of hundreds of programs at all levels and in all fields of knowledge through nine universities and two colleges. Nearly 1,000 programs are offered, including over 400 that can be completed entirely in French or a bilingual format.  

In addition, many of the institutions offer majors, minors, certificates, microprograms, attestations, co-op programs, language immersion programs, international exchanges and a double degree with graduation in two countries. Added to this are experiential learning opportunities and transdisciplinary approaches. Students can then chart their course and develop a unique, cutting-edge expertise.   

The Winning Combination: Education Leads to Exciting Career Opportunities in a Growing Province  

Students who choose to study in Ontario in French or in a bilingual format benefit from exciting career opportunities. Given that Ontario is a growing province, with a wide range of future occupations and flexible training programs geared towards the jobs of the future, it makes sense that it is the most popular province for international students in Canada.